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Each year 18 million sick days are attributed to problems associated with obesity. These range from heart disease and diabetes to muscular skeletal problems and depression.

Our population is getting bigger and bigger and with these rising waist lines come rising health risks and rising costs to businesses.

Blue Healthcare can organise a weight management group within your workplace, designed to suit the individual needs of your employees.

Most people who struggle to lose weight do so because health messages are so complex and often contradictory. We unpick the latest evidence based research to deliver a plan that is simple and easy to follow, resulting in long term weight loss and improved general health and well-being.



              Stress in the Workplace

It is believed that 1 in 6 workers are suffering from stress. In the current economic climate with worries about job security and financial concerns, this figure is not likely to reduce any time soon.

In response to this, Blue Healthcare has held a number of events across the region, raising awareness of stress in the workplace and highlighting the importance of relaxation and physical activity in reducing its negative effects. Blue Healthcare nurses have assisted management teams across a variety of industries to promote positive mental well-being in their workplace and reduce the stigma associated with mental ill-health.